Five Product Manager Interview Questions

We’ve all been through the interview process. Here are some of my favorite Product Manager interview questions to ask or answer during the interview process to determine which candidates have not only the theoretical understanding but also the experience to do the job.

Creating a Historical Product Roadmap

A Historical Roadmap is a basic summary of past releases including a list of the larger release features and when the release launched. It’s a helpful quick reference guide for when people ask you when key features were released.

Developing a Product Manager’s Playbook

A Product Manager’s Playbook is a document that summarizes the most important aspects of the product and serves as a high-level overview of all things necessary to know for a Product Manager to be successful. Here’s a list of what I’m putting into mine.

Content is Not King, It’s More Like a President

This is an article I authored for Rio SEO. The phrase, “content is king” is not only overused but inaccurate when it comes to how content is elected into a high ranking position with the search engines. With links, social signals and other ranking factors, people vote content into the ranking rather than content inheriting its position.

Compromising Beauty In Product Design

As Product managers, sometimes we focus on the numbers and the logic of how we do what we do. This video focuses a little more into why we should be inspired as Product Managers to do the work that we do. In this video Aziz describes how he was wildly successful with achieving the business objectives of solving a product challenge yet he felt that in reflection, he still fell short of creating what he refers to as a “pure product.”