Are Interactive Infographics the Next Generation Marketing Tactic?

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The Content Marketing Institute published an article today about infographics asking six experts their opinions on the future of this content strategy in the long haul. The general consensus was that as long as infographics are of high quality and design, they will continue to be useful forms of content generation given their ease of consumption, high degree of going viral, and informative presentation.

I tend to agree with this concept but I do believe that the popularity of their presence will eventually shift to next generational infographics as technology and interactivity merge. My personal belief is that we will begin to see new forms of interactive infographics begin to appear and rise in popularity.

  1. Interactive infographics would be great for the rise in tablets and touchscreen devices
  2. Perhaps, interactive inforgraphics would be able to track and report their viralness. Unlike a static image, interactive “code” might report how many times they have been shared, how they are being distributed and really give better visibility into the questions many marketers would love to understand.
  3. When viewing a straight image infographic, the data is usually pretty light to make it simple to review. This is great but what if someone wants to know more? The infographic cannot provide any further help. Interactive infographics could offer further information about a subject and perhaps even allow marketers to being to promote their brand without appearing overly “advertisy”…something many consumers do not tolerate and is generally considered a no-no in infographic design.

If you want to read more on the article and what the experts had to say check out The Future of Visual Content: 6 Predictions About Infographics

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