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Content is Not King, It’s More Like a President

This is an article I authored for Rio SEO. The phrase, “content is king” is not only overused but inaccurate when it comes to how content is elected into a high ranking position with the search engines. With links, social signals and other ranking factors, people vote content into the ranking rather than content inheriting its position.

Filter Bubbles

Software strives for more and more personalization. Yet this video describes the concerns with allowing software to determine what information we are presented and more importantly, determine what information we are not presented. Eli Parser defines this scenario as a filter bubble and has concerns that this will be a growing trend and more technologies strive for automatically determining the most relevant piece of information for us.

Is your SEO glass half full or half empty?

Last week, Twitter announced that it is in advanced talks with both Microsoft and Google to help incorporate Tweeter data into search results pages. This can be both good and bed news for SEO Managers depending upon how you looks at the situation.