Recommended Video: Compromising Beauty In Product Design

For me a “Pure Product” has two elements to it. It’s simple and beautiful.

As Product managers, sometimes we focus on the numbers and the logic of how we do what we do. This video focuses a little more into why we should be inspired as Product Managers to do the work that we do with product design. I really like how Aziz Musa defines a “Pure Product” as something that is profoundly simple (mastering complexity) yet beautiful. These are two items that should be inherent product design requirements for all new features. In this video Aziz describes how he was wildly successful with achieving the business objectives of solving a product challenge yet he felt that in reflection, he still fell short of creating a pure product. His message is to not compromise on those product design objectives when developing and iterating as it can be a difficult path to come back from once the line is crossed. While perfection may never be achieved, striving for perfection should never be dismissed.


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