One of the things I did at my first Product Manager job was start a Historical Product Roadmap. What’s a Historical Roadmap you ask? It’s a basic summary of past releases including a list of the main, larger release features and dates when the release launched. The example image above shows a nice visual summary of earlier Android OS version releases and the major features of each release.

This has been helpful to me multiple times over my career. There’s always some question that pops up on “When did we release feature “X” or an executive needs to quickly put together a presentation and needs a slide with, “the top five features from the past three releases” or something like that.

Creating a historical roadmap is a great addition to any Post-Launch Plan and can be as simple as an Excel document with 3 columns. Something like below is what I’ve used before. Nothing fancy, just enough to jog your memory. If you are following the other steps of the Post-Launch Plan then you’ll have the details in your release management software but this is a simple reference guide to speed up answering the questions that inevitably come from others.


Sample Historical Product Roadmap
Sample Historical Product Roadmap

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