The Minimally Viable Feature Approach – MindTheProduct

I love this. It’s something to keep in mind, especially when resources are constrained. Building the minimum necessary allows one to “prove out” the concepts and fail fast if the interest just isn’t there. Minimally Viable Feature approach (MVF) is creating enough of the feature to test the adoption and usefulness before expending lots of… Read More »

Filter Bubbles

Software strives for more and more personalization. Yet this video describes the concerns with allowing software to determine what information we are presented and more importantly, determine what information we are not presented. Eli Parser defines this scenario as a filter bubble and has concerns that this will be a growing trend and more technologies strive for automatically determining the most relevant piece of information for us.

Product Roadmaps without dates?

  ProdPad released an article about creating roadmaps without dates as a new approach for Product Managers. The thought is that usually these dates are not well known and regardless of how you preface the communication, ultimately you are judged by your ability to meet or beat these dates. Instead the suggestion is to look… Read More »

Fail – Poor Advertising Targeting (Image)

Sad to say that an article on the possible extinction of Sturgeon was accompanied by an ad to promote caviar…the very reason the Sturgeon are going extinct. [ generic viagra on line cheap | generic viagra mexico | sildenafil citrate warnings | alternative viagra drug | gel tab viagra | viagra generic brand | cheapest… Read More »

QR-Codes and BlackBerry Cell Phones

Google announced that they will start displaying QR Codes in stickers in front of stores which will allow people to “zap” the code with their cell phone and do some cool things like write a review, receive a coupon, or go to a website. QR Codes have been around for a while but I figure… Read More »