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Sales Enablement and Product Managers’ Roles For Demos

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I’ve always enjoyed doing demos as a chance to understand first-hand the needs/concerns/tripping points of the product directly from a potential customer. There is a fine balance though of running demos for this type of feedback vs. ALWAYS being the person asked to perform a demo. Sales enablement is the only way to help scale the approach.

Product Managers should focus on sales enablement, not individual sales people

I don’t remember the source but one line that has stuck with me is the one that suggests that Product Managers need to enable Sales (as in the department), not sales people (individually). I think for the most part this makes sense. The article below certainly suggest this as well. When it comes to Sales, it’s better for a Product Manager to focus on the broad customer needs while enabling the sales person to then customize or cater towards the individual prospect’s needs.


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5 thoughts on “Sales Enablement and Product Managers’ Roles For Demos”

  1. i think G hit the main point. how motivated or un-motivated your eoeemylps are depends on what are their expectations. of course, it’s management decision to keep or let go of those who don’t align with company’s goal. honestly, majority of eoeemylps will just do whatever that is enough to stay in their positions. of course, unless there is enough incentive for them to work beyond their norm to give up other opportunity costs.

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  3. kouk – Dukla fotbal napsal: Hráč zápasu???… hmm, docela oříšek… no Å™eknu to asi takhle… zÅ™ejmÄ› by to mÄ›l být opÄ›t Petržala… ale i on se ve druhém poločase nechal zcela rozhodit a jeÅ¡tÄ› se k tomu jako bonus nechal zbytečnÄ› vyloučit… což by se tedy jako kapitánovi týmu stávat v žádném případÄ› nemÄ›lo… a tak já ho za tu klukovinu “potrestám “… a vyhlaÅ¡uji Hráčem zápasu???… K.Piskače… myslím si, že minimálnÄ› za výkon v prvním poločase si to plnÄ› zaslouží…

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